2017 iMedia ASPY Awards Nominations

Nominations accepted from July 9, 2017 through July 30, 2017

All nominations must include a rationale. Submissions without rationale will be discarded. Business email address is required in case the advisory board needs to contact you for clarification.

Rationale entries may be published in part on the Agency voting nomination form and during the awards presentations. 

The 2017 ASPY Awards nominations period has closed.

Best Customer Service

Please nominate companies that provided you and your agency with the best all-around customer service. This includes sales and professionalism, ad operations and campaign management, and billing and reconciliation.

Best Video Partner

Please nominate companies that offered great solutions to enable, manage, deliver, and/or monitor digital video in the advertising mix.

Best Data, Research, or Analytics Solution

Please nominate the companies that have provided the best products and/or services in the fields of data, research, insights, or analytics (or any measurement solution that further advances the quantification and qualification of marketing and advertising initiatives).

Best Industry Innovation

Please nominate companies you feel developed the most innovative products that supported advertising this year. This can include media opportunities, cross-device integration, content marketing platforms, native advertising, mobile, creative ideas, new companies with industry solutions, research and measurement solutions, technology, etc.

Best Native Advertising Partner

Companies that provide solutions for implementation, management and delivery of native advertising placements.

Best Mobile Partner

Please nominate mobile media partners that excelled at stellar customer service, new ways to engage mobile audiences, targeted reach opportunities, and/or other services that engaged mobile audiences.

Industry Luminary

Please nominate an industry pioneer from a marketing service provider company of our industry who has demonstrated superior strategic selling skills, provided excellent customer service, and significantly contributed to the growth of our industry over the past year.

Best Programmatic Partner

Please nominate trade desks, DSPs, RTB platforms, and other services that helped make programmatic work well for agencies and their clients.

Best Agency Tool or Service

This category recognizes companies that provide tools and services designed to improve workflow, productivity, reporting and other aspects of running and managing a digital marketing agency.

Best Social Partner

Please nominate social networks, content marketing platforms, social monitoring tools, and other services that provided solutions to agencies that helped marketers engage audiences in the social environment.