iMedia ASPY Luminary Award Winners

where to buy dapoxetine in london Formerly known as the Old-timer award, the Luminary award is presented annually to an industry pioneer from a marketing service provider company of our industry who has demonstrated superior strategic selling skills, provided excellent customer service, and significantly contributed to the growth of our industry.

Joanne Bradford, Pinterest 2014 Luminary Award Winner

Joanne Bradford, Pinterest

Tom Deierlein, ThunderCat Technology, 2008 Luminary Award Winner

Tom Deierlein, ThunderCat Technology

Seth Rogin, Nucleus Marketing Solutions 2016 Luminary Award Winner

Seth Rogin, Nucleus

Eric Porres, RocketFuel 2013 Luminary Award Winner

Eric Porres, RocketFuel

Doug Weaver, Upstream Group, 2007 Luminary Award Winner

Doug Weaver, Upstream Group, 2007

Peter Naylor, Hulu 2015 Luminary Award Winner

Peter Naylor, Hulu

Mike Lombardi, Weatherbug, 2011 Luminary Award Winner

Mike Lombardi, Weatherbug